100 years ago
100 years ago the families were very large and when you were the youngest you usually wore the clothes that your older siblings had already worn. You only got something new on a very special occasion such as a wedding. The people were very creative and they knew how to do a lot with little. An old coat that was faded and worn was taken apart, turned inside out and reworked. He looked brand new again.

The assignment is to apply this old technique (turning clothes) in the present time. We are going to make a new piece of clothing using old clothes. For example, you can change an old blazer into a winter coat, make a body warmer, make it smaller or come up with your own design in haute couture style. You can change all kinds of clothes. A garment with pockets, straps, nice buttons, hood, nice collar, etc., gives many possibilities to work with.

You can also get started with combining multiple items of clothing. Grandmas often have a sewing box that contains nice things to process on the clothes. The child looks for old clothes and thinks about the design by drawing a number of designs. During the workshop we will discuss and implement the designs.

Flower Power
Hippies were happy people with a great desire for a peaceful and happy world. Flowers, large motifs and natural materials were widely used.

Many people made their own clothes and wanted to show that they were happy in the clothes, but they also protested with their clothes. They wanted to show that they were free and not stiff and boring. No neat suits and men’s suits, no ironed shirts and starched skirts. Everything nice and airy with cheerful colors.
T-shirts came into fashion, as did jeans, hot pants and short skirts.

With the help of old clothes and all kinds of fun sewing items, we are going to revive the hippies.

We can change models of old clothes and decorate fabrics with textile markers and/or print textiles with cut-out potatoes and stamps. White t-shirts in particular can be edited very well with textile markers and stamping on fabric.

We also make headbands and the peace sign as jewelry on a chain. The children look for sewable items (from grandmother’s sewing box) and old clothes and think about the design by drawing a number of designs. During the workshop we will discuss and implement the designs.

Cost per child for materials is €5.50. Cost per hour 45 euros. Implementation in consultation.