Dancing Goddesses

Symbol for life


Dancing Goddesses

Before our era, goddesses symbolized all life on earth.

In my work I often question the position of women. With the glasswork of dancing goddesses, I elaborated  contemporary and forgotten goddesses. Because of the banishment of goddesses after Christianization, goddess worship has disappeared. Only a few female saints, including the Virgin Mary, still play a role, which is very rare compared to the countless goddesses of ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Celts. That in contrast to the current goddesses in Hinduism, Shinto en nature religions.

However, there is hardly any equality for woman after 2000 years of Christianity. Even in Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam, women also suffer from oppression and lawlessness.

That is why I pay tribute to being a woman on a cosmic level, through the exuberance of the dancing goddesses.