Courses and workshops

Do you like working with fabrics and would you like to learn more about techniques and methods? There are weekly courses for everybody from 8 years up to 75 years old.

Textile course for adults
In the textile course for adults you design your own project: clothing, pattern drawing, interior textiles, etc. The lessons are every other week.
Textile workshop for adults. Workshops on various topics and techniques can be planned in consultation. More information can be found below. Or send your questions via contact.

Textile course for children from 8 years old

You can participate in textile lessons from the age of 8 years. You learn to implement your ideas. You make a drawing (design!) and we will discover how you can do it. There are many materials and tools that you can use for free. Working with textiles goes so much further than working with a needle and thread. You can process fabrics with fabric paint, process with other materials, upholster or pimp a chair or make utensils for your room.

You will learn to work with fabrics in all kinds of ways, how to use the sewing machine, to draw sewing patterns, to make digital prints on textiles, to crochet, to knit and much more. You always come up with your own projects.

The textile classes are every Thursday and Friday afternoon
Classes are held on Thursdays from 4.15pm to 6.00pm.

On Friday the class starts at 2.15 pm to 4 pm. The second lesson is from 4.15pm to 6.00pm. The last lesson is from 6.15 pm to 8 pm. This class is from 11 years old.

The costs per lesson are EUR 8.50 and €310 per year, including various materials in stock that can be used.
You can always come and do an orientation lesson for free to see if you like it.

Textile workshop for children from 8 years old.
In a textile workshop, for example at a birthday party, you can make something beautiful out of textile in one afternoon. For example, pimp a t-shirt or make a stuffed animal.

The group size is a maximum of 8 children. Catering can also be arranged in consultation. A workshop lasts approximately 2.5 hours. The price is 15 euros per person.

Textile course for adults

IDuring the course you can learn all kinds of techniques for working with textiles. You can make your own design, work with pattern sheets, learn to draw patterns, make curtains, children’s clothing or toys. You learn to adapt the patterns to your measurements and different techniques for carrying out your idea. Sewing machines and overlockers are available.

The classes are every other week. The costs are € 12 per lesson of 2.5 hours.

Pattern drawing course for adults.

You learn to draw a basic custom pattern and how to make different models from these patterns.

Drawing a basic skirt pattern.
Drawing a basic pants pattern.
Drawing a basic blouse pattern.

All possible models can be made from the basic patterns. This will be discussed in detail during the workshop.

The costs  are € 15,- per lesson and can be scheduled by appointment.

There will be pattern drawing lessons every other Friday morning from 10:30 to 12:00.

For more information you can call 0641462070 or send an email to marielouisefransen at